Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

Live In An Area With High Winds? Install Impact Windows

by Lucas Cox

If you live in an area that gets a lot of high winds from hurricanes or bad storms, this can easily damage your windows. Debris may fly and break a window, which can damage things inside your home and cause injury to someone standing near the window. One thing you can do is install impact windows. Below is more information on these windows and the benefits of installing them. 

Impact Windows

Impact window frames are made from vinyl or aluminum. This is because these two materials will not rust, crack, or splinter. You have the option of choosing tempered glass, which is even stronger glass, when choosing these windows and can have them tinted. 

Impact windows have three panes of glass instead of one pane with traditional windows. A vinyl interior is sandwiched between the panes of glass to make the windows much stronger and more wind resistant. This interior also holds the panes of glass together during high winds. 

If the glass does break with impact windows, it breaks into small fragments. A traditional window can break in large shards of glass that can get into your home and injure someone or even cause death. 

Impact Windows Benefits

Besides protecting you and your home during a hurricane or when having high winds from a storm, impact windows offer more benefits. One is they are more secure than traditional windows. This is because these windows are harder to break through because of the multiple panes of glass used. Even if an intruder tries to cut through an impact window it would be hard for them to do so. 

Impact windows can also make your home more energy efficient. Air will not get through the window from the outside, and your inside air will not get through the window. This helps maintain the right temperature inside your home. If you choose tinted glass this offers even more energy efficiency.

Check with your insurance company as you may save money if you install impact windows on your home. This is because some insurance companies will lower premiums. 

If you live in a noisy area impact windows block more sounds that come into your home. This is beneficial if you live near a busy highway or if you have a baby or someone that needs to sleep during the day. 

Contact a company that sells impact windows to learn much more about them and to get them installed on your home. For more information on impact windows, contact a company near you.


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