Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

Does The Frame For Your Impact Windows Matter?

by Lucas Cox

Are you in the process of getting impact windows for your home, but you are having a tough time deciding between what type of window frame material you should select? If so, it will help to know the difference between aluminum and vinyl. 

Vinyl Frame Impact Windows

Many people select vinyl frame impact windows because they are energy efficient. The heat is not going to transfer through the material when it's hit by the sun in normal day-to-day conditions. This leads to your home feeling more comfortable overall, all while getting the benefits of impact windows. You'll also see lower energy bills, especially in the summer when your air conditioner needs to work overtime to bring down the temperature. 

Vinyl also does a great job at preventing both water and air from getting into your home, even during a strong storm when the window is going to be facing the worst conditions. Vinyl impact windows have multiple air chambers within the frame, so the water and air would need to get through several of them to then get to the inside of your home. 

When it comes to the longevity of both materials, you may not be aware that vinyl windows come with a much longer warranty. It is possible to find a window manufacturer that has a lifetime warranty so that you don't have to worry about replacing the window if it develops a defect over the years.

Aluminum Frame Impact Windows

An aluminum frame is a material that allows heat to transfer through it. This means that when it's really hot outside, the material can feel hot on the inside of your home. This results in worse energy efficiency overall because you are going to feel that heat on the hot summer days. 

Aluminum windows are also not as air and watertight as vinyl. This is due to the aluminum frame having pieces that are joined together with screws and other fasteners. Each joint of the window frame material is a potential place where air and water can get into your home.

Even though aluminum has these issues, some homeowners pick aluminum windows because they like the look of the material. It is going to look consistent over the years, even as the material is exposed to the sun for many days. The color is not going to fade and the windows will continue to look great.

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