Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

Need A New Patio Door? Know Your Options

by Lucas Cox

Do you have an old patio door that needs replacement? If so, know that you have some options for what type of door to put in its place. Here is what to know about three different patio door replacement options.

Hinged Patio Doors

There are many benefits to having a hinged patio door, with the top benefit being the seal that it forms to prevent air from infiltrating your home from the outside. This is because it's possible to put weather stripping on every side of a hinged door, which helps it form that seal when it is closed and in contact with the material.

French Doors

French doors are when you have two hinged doors with the hinges on the opposite sides of each other. They allow for an extra wide opening going into your home, since both doors can completely open if necessary. You can also make one door stationary so that the other door is primarily used for entering and exiting your home.

Since French doors come together at the center, the doors might not form that great of a seal. While you open a French door by pulling down on the handle, you'll typically need to pull up on the handle so that it can be locked in place at the top and bottom of the door for extra security.

French doors typically open up into your home, so you need the space to make them work, but they can also open to the outside of your home as well. This type of door comes at a premium price because the hinge needs to be hidden so that it is not accessible from the outside of your home.

Sliding Doors 

Sliding doors are nice to use for a patio door because you do not have to worry about the direction that the door opens. They simply slide over, which allows you to place furniture close to the door. The nice thing about a patio door is that you don't have to leave the door wide open if you want to get a breeze from the outside. You can open it up a small amount to allow air inside your home and use a screen door to prevent bugs from getting inside. 

Unsure about what type of patio door you should place in your home? Reach out to a contractor in your area that can help with the selection and installation of a new door. 


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