Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

Water Proofing Contractors Versus DIY Waterproofing: Which Is The Best Option For You?

by Lucas Cox

Waterproofing is an essential investment that safeguards your home from water damage. However, when it comes to waterproofing your home, you have the option of conducting the waterproofing yourself or hiring a professional waterproofing company. Here are four reasons you should hire a professional waterproofing contractor instead of attempting a DIY waterproofing project.

Comprehensive Survey and Inspections

One of the main benefits of hiring professional waterproofing contractors is that they will initially conduct a comprehensive survey and inspection of your property to determine the cause of water intrusion. The survey and inspections include several tests that require specialized equipment to conduct. As a result, the waterproofing contractors can determine the best course of action to waterproof your home properly and also provide you with an accurate estimate for the work.

On the other hand, if you are attempting a DIY waterproofing project, you may lack the adequate experience to conduct a comprehensive survey and inspection of your home. As a result, you may not be able to identify the cause of water intrusion into your home, and thus, you may not be able to plan out the waterproofing project adequately.

Adequate Knowledge of Water Proofing Technologies

Suppose you are not well versed in the various waterproofing technologies and their applications. In that case, there is a chance that you may utilize the wrong type of waterproofing material during your DIY attempt. 

As a result, it is best to hire a waterproofing contractor because they are well versed in all the different types of waterproofing technologies and where they are best applied. Furthermore, a waterproofing contractor can help you choose a suitable waterproofing option that is within your budget.

Quality Water Proofing Service

Most people who attempt DIY waterproofing tend to regret their decision because, in most cases, they conduct a shoddy job due to a lack of experience and equipment. Waterproofing involves more than just applying the coating or membrane because you have to clean and prime the site before applying the waterproofing material.

When you hire a professional waterproofing contractor, you are guaranteed to get a quality waterproofing job done because they have the adequate know-how and equipment for the job. Due to their training and experience, waterproofing contractors are capable of waterproofing any area of the house. Additionally, after the contractors waterproof your home, they always inspect their work to ensure the waterproofing project is successful. Hence you don't have to worry about water intrusion again.


If you attempt a DIY waterproofing project, you must be sure that you are up to the task. If you fail, you have to incur the cost of conducting a second waterproofing attempt or, finally, hiring a waterproofing contractor. 

However, when you hire a waterproofing company, you will get a warranty for their services. Thus, if the contractors fail to waterproof your home properly, they will conduct repairs or redo the waterproofing again at no extra cost.

Reach out to a waterproofing company like RSCC, LLC to get started. 


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