Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

3 Reasons To Replace Your Front Door Frame

by Lucas Cox

When upgrading your home's exterior, don't overlook the front door frame. There are three main reasons why it may be time to replace it.

1. Damage

Damage is one of the most common reasons to consider a new door frame. Damage can be obvious — cracks in the frame or warped components leading to air gaps. Some damage is superficial, though. For example, dents in a metal door frame can often be buffed out, and flaking paint on wood frames is easily fixed with a fresh coat. The frame only needs to be replaced if the damage is too extensive for standard repair.

On wood frames, the most common type of damage will be rot. You can spot wood rot easily. If the wood feels spongy and you can easily insert your fingernail into it, then the frame is rotting. There is no cure for wood rot. The only option is to replace the entire door frame.

2. Sticking

There are few things as annoying as a sticking front door. It can be a hassle to struggle with the door every time you come home, and it can also be dangerous. For example, if you need to quickly leave your home due to a fire and the door is stuck, you can lose precious moments when trying to get to safety.

Doors stick for many reasons, but often the door frame is to blame. This is especially true with wooden frames, which can swell and warp as they age. Settling of the house over time can also warp both metal and wooden frames, which can lead to a sticking door. You will need to have both the frame and the door inspected before replacement, just so you can verify that the frame is to blame.

3. Security

Sometimes the best reason to replace your door frame has nothing to do with what condition it is in. If security is a concern, then it's time for an upgrade. Old wooden door frames simply don't provide the same security as metal door frames. Wood can easily splinter, a real concern in the event someone tries to pry open your front door.

You have a couple of options for security frames. There are standard metal frames, or you can opt for a vinyl frame with a metal core. The benefit of the vinyl frame is that you can opt for a decorative frame exterior at a lower cost compared to decorative all-metal door frames.

Contact a door and door frame installer for more information about replacing your front door frame, or visit a website like http://www.distinctivesidingandwindow.com.


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