Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

Benefits Of Using Casement Windows In Your Home

by Lucas Cox

Casement windows are windows that contain a single pane of glass. The single pane of glass is attached to your home with a hinge on one side and is opened-up with a hand crank. The benefits of this window style are often overlooked. Casement windows offer great views, strong security, and great ventilation.

#1 Great Views

One of the biggest benefits of using casement windows is that you get a really good view. Casement windows are made from a single pane of glass. There is no window frame or lock in the middle of the glass breaking up your view. Casement windows do not feature the grid lines common on other window set-ups, allowing for a truly unobstructed view. If you really want to see outside, and you value having a great view, casement glass is the way to go.

#2 Strong Security

Next, casement windows provide you with a strong level of security when the window is shut. When the window is shut, all sides of the window seal into the window frame. The glass doesn't protrude outward on either side at all, as you find with double-hung windows. Casement windows have locks that are shaped like a handle. The lock attaches to a locking mechanism which is attached to the frame. Each lock has a hook shape that clicks in place when the lock is closed.

Due to the way the lock works, the lock cannot be pried open from the outside. Casement windows are extremely hard to force open. In addition to providing security against break-ins, casement windows also provide security against the outside weather. The seal on casement windows, when properly shut, will help keep moisture out of your home.

#3 Ventilation

Finally, casement windows can provide you with great ventilation. Casement windows are designed to open outward. You can crack your casement window open, or you can fully open a casement window, allowing large breezes to easily make their way through your home. Casement windows are particularly great for homes that are located really close to another home. The design of casement windows allows side breezes to be funneled into your home, giving you air circulation that is hard to achieve in neighborhoods where the building style put your home right up against another home.

Casement windows are really secure, provide you with great ventilation options, and give you a big, unobstructed view. When selecting new windows, be sure to consider casement windows. For more information on window installation options, contact your local professionals. 


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