Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

Detecting Problems With Your Door Frame

by Lucas Cox

Although they aren't given a lot of thought, door frames serve an important purpose within the home. A door frame is responsible for supporting the interior and exterior doors that service your home. Without a functional door frame, the door itself could not open or close properly.

When you are familiar with the various components that make up a door frame, you will be able to examine these components for damage on a regular basis.

1. Check on the head.

The head is the uppermost horizontal component within your door frame. A frame's head offers support when a door is opening and closing. The vertical components on either side of the door frame fit into grooves within the head that help the frame maintain its shape.

Damage to the head can result in a lack of rigidity in the door frame. You may find that your door doesn't want to shut, or that your frame appears to be crooked. Replacing a damaged head can help restore proper function to your door once again.

2. Evaluate the jambs.

Most people have heard of a door jamb, but they are surprised to discover that this term refers only to the vertical elements of a door frame. The jambs serve as anchoring points for your doors. A set of hinges will be installed on one jamb, while the strike plate and a slot for the door's latch to sink into when the door is closed will be on the other jamb.

Damaged jambs lose their ability to support the weight of a door. The hinges may break loose or the strike plate might become crooked. These problems will affect the function of the door, so damaged jambs need to be replaced quickly.

3. Look at the sill.

Sills are usually found only on exterior door frames. The sill is the vertical material that runs along the bottom of the door frame. Sills are typically made from aluminum or some other type of durable and corrosion-resistant material.

The sill helps to prevent water, dirt, and other debris from flowing freely into your home. A door frame equipped with a sill will also be more rigid, which can be beneficial when it comes to supporting the weight of an exterior door.

Caring for your home's door frames is important if you want to retain access to functional doors. Door frame repair kits can be purchased to help you address signs of damage. Visit websites like http://www.distinctivesidingandwindow.com for more information.


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Learning About Commercial Windows

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