Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

The Utility And Safety Of Egress-Compliant Casement Windows

by Lucas Cox

Casement windows are used in residential properties because of their look and functionality. Of course, sliding windows are more common in most climates. But casement windows have a lot of advantages. Fire safety is one advantage of casement windows. They are particularly useful in basements. Inward opening casements are the go-to choice for windows below ground level because they are the safest to get in and out of in the case of an emergency that blocks off normal routes.

Egress Compliance

The term "egress compliance" might be totally foreign to you, but it is very important in terms of fire safety. The International Residential Code (IRC) sets the standards and laws for the requirements of an egress window. Egress is the physical act of leaving a place or building. 

So, a window that is egress compliant refers to certain building codes for windows in basements. Windows in basement could be lifesaving in case of a fire on the main level. In fact, egress windows are required by law on any well where the bottom of is below ground level. An egress-compliant window needs to be easy to get in and out of in case of an emergency.

Size Requirements

The code states that an egress window must be less than 44" from the floor, it must be at least 24" tall and 20" wide, and it must be 5.7 square feet. Basically, it needs to be big enough for a human to crawl through, and it needs to be accessible. It is not necessary that your egress compliant windows are actually casements. But, you are more likely to find egress windows in casement styles. This is simply because the design is more likely to fulfill the size requirements.

Sliding windows are split into two different sashes, so they can only open to half the size of the well. So, it is often hard to find a sliding window that, even when fully open, fulfills the 5.7 square foot opening requirement. A sliding window would have to be over 11 square feet to be egress compliant. Since a casement is pretty much the size of the entire well, the sash can be opened easily, and it is more likely to be large enough to meet the strict requirements.

Casement windows are perfect for egress compliant fixtures. They are safe and stylish, which is exactly what you should be looking for in your home.


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Learning About Commercial Windows

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