Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

How To Make Your Glass Patio Doors Safer From Break-Ins

by Lucas Cox

Patio doors can open up a space like nothing else can. They let in a lot of light, give you a great view of your backyard, and give the appearance of bringing the outside into your home. You might feel, however, they aren't the safest doors in the world because they mostly contain glass and can make it easier for a burglar to enter your home. How can you make your glass patio doors safer from break-ins? There are some interesting ways.

Block the Tracks

There are some glass patio doors in which you can lock the door from sliding from both the top of the track and the bottom. This secures the door in a better way then just a simple lock on the side of the door will.

For those doors in which this isn't a feature, you can create a similar barrier by placing a long rod – either metal or wood — along the track length. Make sure the rod will reach each end of the slider door, but give yourself enough room to take it out when you need to.

A Chain Link Lock

Another way to secure your patio doors is to lock them by using a chain link lock. These types of locks attach to the handles of the door – the ones that part in the middle and open by sliding away from each other. The chain needs to be short so it can be pulled taut to prevent the doors from moving unless the lock is removed.

If you would like to use the chain type of lock on a single sliding door, you can place a handle or loop to the side of the wall where the door closes to install the lock.

Reinforce the Glass

You might not have thought of one of the easier ways to secure your patio door from burglars, but it's to reinforce the glass itself in the door. It is one of the most effective and doesn't take away from the appearance of the glass, but adds a lot of security and peace of mind.

You place a layer of glass film over the existing door. You can buy ones with tint or that have a speckled look to prevent anyone from looking inside but still lets you look into your yard or street. The film can withstand a lot of pressure and force. They are a great way to prevent a break-in and can also help protect windows from hurricanes or strong winds too.

If your door is old and prone to damage, you may also wish to replace it. New doors from a company like Clear Choice Exteriors, Your Local Window Depot are more secure.


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