Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

Three Styles And Three Benefits Of Motorized Window Shades

by Lucas Cox

With everything in this world that you can open or close with the push of a button or a command, it is a wonder that it has taken this long to get motorized window shades on the market. That is right; you can now lounge on your fainting chaise and use a remote to close your shades! Here are three styles and three benefits of these fun window dressings.

Three Styles

Motorized Between Window Glass

Typically, motorized shades come tucked between two panes of glass, or they are hung like normal shades over the window. The ones between the panes of glass can only be opened or closed via a remote control. However, you could be two rooms away when you activate the open/close button on the remote. This may be advantageous if you forgot to get towels from the laundry room prior to jumping into the shower and you have to cross through a room with lots of windows and little privacy!

Traditionally Hung

As for the more traditional style of motorized blinds, you can either use the remote, or open and close them manually if the remote stops working. (That does happen from time to time, but it is usually resolved by replacing the batteries or by replacing the remote itself.) This type of motorized blind is equipped with drawstrings, in the event that you do need to open and close them manually.


Most motorized blinds are like Roman shades; thick or thin panels of cloth that open vertically. However, you can get horizontal blinds as well. The motors on these blinds act like the chains on a garage door opener, putting the blind strings on a track formation and sliding the blind strings around and through the motor to open and close your blinds. These blinds look and work best on patio doors.

Three Benefits

Decrease or Increase Light With the Push of a Button

Clearly, the biggest benefit to these blinds is the fact that you never have to get up and close the curtains when there is too much light in the room, nor do you have to open the blinds when you need more light. When light fluctuates during the day, you may get up and sit down more often than you would like if you have traditional blinds. The nice little remotes that come with these motorized blinds are typically all on the same signal (if you buy all the same make and model). That means you could open and close or open all of your blinds with a point-and-click motion.

Close the Blinds Even When You Are Outside

The remotes sold with many motorized blinds easily clip onto your keychain. This allows you to use one of the extra remotes that came with the blinds to become a sort of remote key fob for your blinds. If you leave the house, but forget to close the blinds, you can still do it from the comfort of your driver's seat, before you get too far from the house. You definitely cannot do that with manual blinds!

Uncorded Options for Safety

You can cut the cords on the blinds, or more to the point, just not install the manual cords. A lot of parents love this feature because it means that toddlers and pre-schoolers are less likely to pull the blinds down or get caught in the strings. Pet owners who have cats and small dogs equally love the lack of cords for essentially the same reasons. If you still want the option of cords, go with the traditional installation style of blinds rather than the "between glass" blinds.


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