Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

The Advantages of Window Films

by Lucas Cox

If you want to make your building a little more energy efficient, the windows are great place to start. Of course, replacing windows can be beyond the budget of most commercial building owners. However, there are quite a few easy ways that you can improve the efficiency of your window fixtures. This article explains how window films can be effectively used to make just about any window more efficient.

Clear and Tinted Films

There are many different types of window films. Most people think of the tinted films that are used on automobiles. However, not all window films need to be tinted. The great thing about window tints is that they block sunlight and reduce heat transfer. However, not every window in your building is going to receive direct sunlight, so there is really no reason for every fixture to have tinted film.

On top of this, many people don't like the way that a window tint is going to make that room darker. So, if you want a window film, but don't want the room to be darker, you should consider adding a clear film. Clear films can still be very effective when it comes to producing heat loss. This is particularly true in cold climates. A lot of the heated air can dissipate and transfer through the window panes.

No matter how modern your fixtures are, adding a window film can be very effective. There are films that can be added to both inside and outside of your fixture. One drawback to adding films on both sides of the pane is that the more film you add, the blurrier it is going to be looking out your window.

Applying Your Own Films

One of the best things about window films is that they are very easy to apply. In fact, they are usually sold in easy-to-install kits. These kits usually include the film, liquid adhesive, and a small squeegee. The only other thing you need is a razor blade. Basically, you spread the adhesive on to the glass and then apply the film. Use the squeegee to wipe the film down and rub out any air bubbles. Try to get the film tight in the corners, and then cut it as close to the frame as possible using the blade. Go back over the edges with the squeegee, and you should have a permanent, reliable window film.

As you can see, window films are cheap, easy to install, and very effective. They are great way to make your windows a little more energy efficient. Contact companies that offer commercial window film services to learn more.


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Learning About Commercial Windows

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