Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

Three Ways New Windows Can Save You Money

by Lucas Cox

Your windows are one of the largest entranceways for the exterior elements and weather conditions to enter your home. This means that old windows can cause a variety of problems for the interior of your home. Understanding the variety of different ways in which installing a new set of windows on your home can save you money in the long run can help you decide whether or not installing a new set of windows is the right fit for you.

Increased Insulation

The primary reason why you may want to consider replacing your windows is because, as already mentioned, the elements and exterior temperature is able to pass through aged windows relatively easily. This allows for a great deal of heat exchange throughout the year, raising your interior temperatures in the summer and lowering them in the winter. Beyond reducing the comfort level within your home, a lack of insulative quality in your windows also means that your air conditioner and furnace, respectively, will need to work harder to maintain a stable temperature in your home, driving up your energy bills. This makes installing a new set of windows on your home a sound investment, as eventually the energy savings will pay back the initial cost of installation.

UV Protection

A new set of windows can also come with a protective glaze that filters out UV radiation. Beyond helping to keep your home cool in the summer, this also will reduce the amount of sun bleaching that carpets, flooring, and furniture within your home experiences. This will help extend the lifespan of individual items within your home, preserving your interior design for as long as possible. Further, and perhaps more importantly, UV protection from new windows can help save you money on floor refinishing, upholstery restoration, and other maintenance tasks that are designed to reverse the sun damage which may chronically affect certain items within your home.

Reduced Window Maintenance

Depending on the age of your current windows, it may be a more economical decision to have them replaced instead of constantly repairing and repainting them. Older windows that have become warped, damaged, or have otherwise started to structurally and aesthetically degrade can require near-constant work to maintain the appearance of the exterior of your home. If you find yourself repairing your windows each year, or even multiple times each year, you may be long overdue for a replacement set of windows.

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