Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

4 Advantages Of Choosing Wood Shutters

by Lucas Cox

There are two primary types of materials used to create shutters, wood and poly. Poly is a man-made composite material. Wood shutters actually offer a number of advantages over poly shutters.

#1 Lighter & Stronger

To start with, one of the biggest advantages of choosing wood shutters is that wood shutters are actually lighter-weight than poly. Additionally, wood shutters are also stronger than poly shutters.

Being lighter and stronger can allow you to use larger panels on your wood shutters. This is helpful if looking outside and still taking in the view is a high priority for you. Lighter and stronger shutters will also make it easier to hang up your shutters and will ensure that your shutters last for a long time.

Wood shutters tend to be stronger because most are made using a three-dowel construction method. This construction method helps increase the strength of the shutters and it helps keep the stiles and rails on your shutters together.

#2 Color Versatility

Poly shutters, due to the way that they are made, only come in two different color options, either straight-up white or an off-white shade. This is pretty limiting.

Wood shutters, on the other hand, can literally be painted or stained any color you want. You can have honey-stained wood shutters or you can have wood shutters that are painted a vibrant purple. With wood shutters, you can customize the look to fit your home and to fit particular rooms in your home.

#3 Shape Versatility

If you have any odd-shaped windows or rounded windows in your home, wood blinds are the way to go. It is easier to manufacture odd-shaped shutters for your windows out of wood than it is out of poly. Odd-shaped poly shutters tend to cost more and not look as visually appealing as wood shutters made for odd-shaped windows.

#4 Long-Lasting

Finally, another benefit to choosing wood shutters over poly shutters is the long-lasting nature of wood shutters. Wood shutters can last a really long time when inside of your home. Inside of your home, there is no moisture to compromise the integrity of your shutters. All you need to do to take care of them is dust them off on a regular basis and polish them occasionally to ensure your wood shutters maintain their luster.

When choosing the material you want to have your interior shutters made out of, wood is a clear and solid choice. Wood shutters are light-weight, strong, long-lasting and offer a high-degree of versatility in colors and shapes. 

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