Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

Uh-Ohs To Avoid When Buying And Installing Replacement Windows

by Lucas Cox

Replacing your home's windows is a smart move that could result in savings on your energy bills. However, mistakes made during the selection and installation process could result in the windows not being the best possible ones for your home. To help you find the right windows, here are some mistakes made by other homeowners that you should avoid.

Selecting the Same Window Type

It might seem logical to select the same window type for the replacement, but you could be missing out on the real benefits of updating your windows. The styles, types, and energy efficiency of windows have changed over the years. There is even a difference between windows now and windows from 20 years ago.

Before deciding on a certain window type, take the time to explore your other available options. Small changes, such as switching from a single-pane to double-pane window, could make a difference in your energy bills and provide you additional insulation from outdoor sounds.

Failing to Consider the Future

Your immediate need for new windows is likely first and foremost in your mind while shopping, but the future should also be a consideration. Unless you are in your forever home, you need to think about whether the windows can be a selling point for your home in the future. You also need to factor in just how much you are willing to pay for windows that are in a home you will not own in the future.

Part of considering the future is asking questions such as, "Is the warranty for the windows transferrable to a new owner?" The more information you have about the windows and their benefits, the more information you can provide to the seller.

Installing the Windows as Part of a DIY Project

To save on the cost of the installation, it might be tempting to install the windows yourself. However, installing windows is more than just removing the old ones and sliding the new ones into place. The fit for the windows must be just right, or the energy-saving benefits you wanted to receive from them could be lost.

A professional installation of the replacement windows helps to ensure that they are fit perfectly so that air leakage is eliminated. The savings from that alone can help to offset the cost of installation. A professional installation also avoids the possibility of having to call in a pro to repair a bad installation.


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