Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

How To Secure Your Doors Against Brute Force Entry

by Lucas Cox

One easy security measure for homeowners that often goes overlooked is securing their doors. Your doors are one of the main points of entry to your home, so securing them should take priority. There's many ways to keep them secure, some easier than others. Here's a few ideas you can use to secure them.

Are Your Doors a Weak Point in Your Home Security?

Weak doors can offer easy access to anyone that would use brute force rather than sly tactics for entering a home. Because of that, you should spend some time on securing them.

Locks - If you have a chain lock, that's one of the first things you should replace. Or, you can keep them as long as you add another locking feature to your door.

A better option for a door is a regular deadbolt. Adding a deadbolt will make it that much harder for someone to break into a door by force. They will help to keep the frame intact and defeat only the most dedicated brute force assault.

Doorjamb and strike plates – Reinforcing the doorjamb will strengthen the door frame, which can also serve to slow or stop forced entry. There are kits you can purchase to do it yourself, or you can have a professional do it for you.

This also applies to the strike plates, which are the metal pieces that hold your locking mechanisms in place. Replacing them with steel and longer screws will go a long way towards keeping your door from shaking loose from the frame.

Doorknobs – If you have a weak doorknob, or one in disrepair, you should replace it with something stronger. You don't have to sacrifice looks for security, there are many strong doorknobs that will still look good on your doors.

The door – The door itself requires a lot of consideration. All the previously mentioned measures can help even a flimsy door, but only so much. If you have a weak door, then you should consider a door replacement as soon as possible.

Does your door feel hollow or fragile? No matter what you do to protect the door, it won't stop someone from simply breaking it down if it gives easily.

Replacing your doors with more solid options can defeat most brute force methods of entry. Consider solid wood and steel doors, as well as other types of doors with reinforcements.

Speak to a Window and Door Replacement Service

If you're not sure where to go with securing your door, speak to a window and door replacement service like Mister Window Inc. They may have some options and ideas for you.

Strong doors and door mechanisms aren't the only protection a home can have, but they're important. They can represent the first or last line of defense if someone attempts to use brute force to get into your home.


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