Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

3 Ways You Know That The Windows In Your House Are Doing Their Job

by Lucas Cox

Every homeowner wants to be sure that their house is safe and that it is insulated properly. If the house is not properly insulated it can raise your energy bill and can cause problems for home security. The windows play a huge role in insulation, which is why it is vital that every homeowner understand when their windows are working properly and when they need repair or replacement. Here are some ways that you know that your windows are in good working condition.

1. Your Windows Are Clean Of Debris and Condensation

One thing you should be looking for is any kind of debris or condensation in between your double paned window. If you see dirt, bugs or even water inside the window this means that it is not sealed properly. If it is letting in debris and water, then you can bet that it is letting air in and out of the house.

You should be cleaning your windows often so that you can determine if any dirt or condensation is on the outside of the windows or is in between the panes. Anytime you notice a problem call for a window repairman.

2. Your Windows Reflect The Temperature Of The Inside Of The House and Not The Outside

Another important thing to look for is the temperature of windows. You should be touching the windows often to see how cold or hot they feel. If the windows are room temperature that you are in great shape. This means that they are properly insulating the house. However, if it is winter and the windows are very cold to the touch, this means that the air from the outside is seeping through the window and compromising the insulation of your home.

3. You Can't Feel A Breeze Or Hear Any Noise While Standing Next To The Window

As a house settles or shifts it will cause the windows to snap out of the hole that was created for the window originally. When that happens it allows gaps where small amounts of air can pass through the window. If while you are standing next to the window you feel air or a slight breeze this is a major problem. In addition, you might hear a light wheezing by the window, especially on a windy day. This means that the window is doing a very poorly job of insulating and should be looked at right away!

By constantly checking your windows you can be sure that they are properly insulating your house. Contact a window professional like Guardian Windows & Doors if you have any concerns.


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