Learning About Commercial Windows

Learning About Commercial Windows

Too Much Sunlight In Your Commercial Space? Add Film To The Windows For Comfort And More

by Lucas Cox

You bought or built a commercial property with tons of windows and natural lighting, but your staff is constantly complaining the sun is in their eyes. Instead of getting window treatments to cover up all of the windows, there is an alternative option.

Have a tinted window film put on the windows. This maintains the open feel of the space and still allows everyone to see out of the building clearly, but it can offer a lot of benefits. Here are a few reasons the tinting is beneficial.

Stop Glares

Glares on computer screens from the sunlight can be irritating for the staff. They are not only inconvenient, but they can also cause headaches and problems like computer vision syndrome. The tinting is going to stop direct sun rays from hitting the screens, and you can also look into glare protection screen covers for your computers.

Avoid Fading and Discoloration

The sun will fade the fabrics and other materials in the office space, and it can cause discoloration. The tinting stops the sun from doing damage to weaken the fabrics and materials, preserving it and preventing premature damage and early replacement expenses.

Prevent Melting and Overheating

Direct sunlight can cause electronics and other things to melt or overheat, destroying office equipment and forcing you to buy new devices. The tint is going to keep all of the equipment at the room temperature in the space, so melting and overheating of equipment directly in the sun won't be a problem.

Control Cooling Costs

The window tinting can help you address high cooling bills in the summer by acting as a barrier from heat from the outside and blocking sun rays that are beating down from the sun. Talk with the tinting company about getting a thick film that is going to improve energy efficiency throughout the year.

If the sun bothers a variety of people throughout the day, depending on where it's at in the sky and what time it is, it's best to have a film added to all the windows around the property. Keeping your staff comfortable and happy throughout the workday is going to be the best thing to maintain productivity, and you don't have to sacrifice the open and warm feel of the space. Get a few different quotes and see what the cost is going to be, and talk with the contractor about the benefits you'll notice when the film is applied.

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